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they call me Mr Tails

Chorizo inspired veggie sausages

Myself and some of the Cafe Collective at Kebele are doing a special breakfast tomorrow. Our sausages are usually made using lentils and oats. One of the cooks wants to try making them chorizo-style. I was just wondering about flavourings, anything other than garlic, chillies and smoked paprika ... any other recomendations or even recipes (recently we've been cooking for around 40)?

One evening tinkering about in the Kebele kitchen and a few Dragon Stouts later the mix is made.

My colleague roasted a load of red peppers and about 8 bulbs of garlic, infused that with a load of smoked paprika, blended it and put it in with the usual mix.

I was tinkering away at making baked beans from scratch.

Thanks for all your help and support.

I'll report back on how the breakfast went.
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