Mary (peacewillfollow) wrote in vegancooking,

Gingerbread houses!

Forgive me for already thinking forward to the holidays! I usually start getting the Christmas itch by my birthday- which is next week...but I guess it's starting a bit earlier this year! ;)

The background is...I'd love to make/decorate gingerbread houses with my godson and my friend Dawn (his mother). Obviously, I want to enjoy our creations too- so they need to be vegan. My godson is not even 3, so he wouldn't even know the difference! ;)

The question is...are there any VEGAN pre-made gingerbread house kits? All the ones I've seen so far have eggs in them. =/ Vegan frosting is easy enough to come by- whether store bought or homemade. But the gingerbread house aspect is throwing me off a bit. Any recommendations from people who have done it successfully in the past?

Also, candy suggestions for the house itself would be great, too! I'm thinking of purchasing those chocolate lentils online, as well as perhaps some vegan gummy bears (I *think* my local natural foods store has some!), and the non-pareils that they sell at Trader Joe's. Any other suggestions?
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