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...this is a story of possibility...

allergen free Thanksgiving main dish?

I'm hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this year, and in addition to being vegan, it also needs to be wheat/gluten/corn/soy/peanut/almond/mushroom free (I'm not allergic to mushrooms, but one of my guestes absolutely loathes them)

I've poked around on the internets and haven't yet found anything where I've felt like 'THATS IT! THATS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!'

Other things we'll probably be having:
mashed potatoes
lentil gravy
pumpkin or squash soup
some variety of sweet potato/yam something or other
some variety of stuffing (if you have great ideas for this, please pass them my way)
this fantastic black eyed pea/fennel dish
some sort of green (if you have a green bean casserole that doesn't have the things I'm allergic to in it, that would be rad! kale and asparagus have also been discussed)
cranberry sauce
raw pie

I'm considering something with a lentil pate, but I really do need more ideas for the main dish; I really don't want to just do a bunch of sides

Thanks for your help!
Tags: -allergies, -allergies-gluten/wheat, -allergies-soy, holiday food-thanksgiving
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