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natto - part II

Thanks to everyone who posted on my previous entry.  Based on most of the comments, I'm guessing this one might fall under the "morbid curiosity" column.  But natto and I now, if not yet good friends, are at least coming to some sort of an understanding.

I was going to try the recipe suggested by nepenthes59 , but had a discussion with a couple of my colleagues - one of whom is Japanese and the other is a vegetarian who lived there for a couple of years.  Instead of the recipe with corn starch, my Japanese friend suggested mixing the natto with scallions, stuffing it inside of atsuage (fried tofu) and then putting that in the frying pan.  My other friend said natto takes a few tries to get accustomed to, and not to give up.  It's healthy and vegan, after all.

Voila - natto, packages of seseme oil and mustard that came with it, scallion & atsuage.

I decided to fry the natto first since I didn't want it to be cold inside the atsuage & figured some of the strong taste might be counteracted (kind of like when you fry garlic).

Mixed it in with the scallions.  Maybe too much scallion, but I didn't want to waste it.

Stuffed inside the atsuage.

Finished product with some soy sauce.  Really it was way better than my first halting experiences eating it straight out of the container.

So I am agreeing with my friend that nattophobia can be overcome.  She also said to try it with kimchi. 
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