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Road trip eatin'

Hey guys,

I'm going out of town this weekend and we will be driving. I am looking for some food ideas that aren't your usual road trip snacks. I'm talking about meals that won't perish easily. We're taking a cooler and no one has any severe allergies. So far this is what I have planned:

• Cookies! Because everyone loves cookies.

• Curried pasta salad

• Chick pea salad sandwiches (do you think these will get too mushy? Any advice?)

• dried fruits, fruit, other munchies of the sort.

Any idea for other lunch/meal type things we can eat on the way there and while we are at the hotel? We are obviously looking to save some money here. Any good portable breakfast ideas and maybe one or two more entree ideas? Anything would be helpful.

Oh and thanks to EVERYONE who helped me with last post about Tempeh. Seriously...I have no idea how I lived before I found this stuff. Thanks guys, I tried almost all the recipes before running out of Tempeh and they were AWESOME! Now I need more. ♥
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