prison shank vs cheeseburger (miss_bontemps) wrote in vegancooking,
prison shank vs cheeseburger

Freezing cooked tempeh


I hit up the memories and didn't see anything that quite answered my question.

I'm making a bunch of freezer food, one recipe I'd like to try is tempeh in BBQ sauce. I'm wondering how cooked tempeh will hold up after freezing. Once frozen, thawed and warmed in the microwave (or gently simmered on the stove), will it completely fall apart or hold the shape that I cut it in?

I'm not worried about flavour, I'm sure it'll taste just as yummy, but I'm wondering if it will just turn to mush, if so, I'll find another use for tempeh.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: techniques-tempeh, tempeh
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