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Autumn Cookings!

I realized that I’ve done a lot of baking and cooking recently and haven’t put it on LJ in picture form! Here’s two things I’ve made rather recently:

caramelized butternut squash with ground clove, cinnamon, and brown sugar...

...quinoa cooked with olive oil, sunflower seeds, raisins, fresh chopped rosemary sprigs, and coarse sea salt


For the quinoa, follow the instructions on whatever quinoa you are using as to how to cook it (usually it is a 1:2 quinoa:water ratio). Into the water after it is boiling, add all the ingredients and cover after reducing temperature. I added rosemary, seasalt, olive oil, and raisins directly into the water so it cooked *into* the quinoa. You can add them after, though, too! The taste just may not be as infused. There is no measurement, it is simply to-taste.

For the squash,
  1. First preheat your oven to about 350.
  2. Line a baking sheet with tinfoil as to save from mess.
  3. Create a "sauce" out of really really soft / quasi-melted "butter" (earthbalance, margarine, etc. - about 3tbsp), brown sugar (about 1/2 cup), and whichever spices you'd like (I used cloves and cinnamon and a little nutmeg - add to taste) by first mixing butter and brown sugar together, then adding spices. Add coarse sea salt to add a little flavor differentiation. Taste the "sauce" (it's more like a paste) to make sure you like the flavors!
  4. Peel one butternut squash and cut it length-wise.
  5. Scoop out the seeds and either save them for baking or discard into your compost.
  6. Cut each half of the butternut squash into 1 inch / 1.5 inch "cubes" (as uniform as possible...it's tough with a weird shaped fruit), and then mix into the brown-sugar sauce in a large bowl.
  7. After all the squash "cubes" are covered in the sauce, spoon them onto the cookie tray and spread them out as evenly as possible (it's easier if you double the recipe because then you have a more "full" tray).
  8. Place tray on the middle oven rack, or if you're feeling ambitious, place on the top rack and switch to bottom rack (and then vice versa) every ten minutes (this creates a more "broiled" look on the squash; a little more browned edges).
  9. Check on the squash frequently with your oven light and don't be afraid to stir the cubes around in their sauce while cooking. The more marinated they are, the better!
  11. Remove from oven when they are the desired tenderness you like; for me this was about 40 minutes.

Bi-crust Rapple Pie (we named it)

gingersnap crisp bottom crust / whole-wheat cinnamon butterflake lattice crust

filled with fresh honeycrisp apples, hand-picked (by us!) raspberries, and apple butter, with a touch of ground clove.
 For the bottom crust:

1.preheat oven to 425F
2.food proccess or smash about 20 gingersnap cookies
and a few tbsp of "butter"
3.press mixture into a pie pan4.bake for about 5 minutes until it's "together" and remove from oven.

5. Start on filling. 
Apple Raspberry Filling
-1 Tbsp of Vegetable or Canola oil to cook down the fruit
- 4 chopped HoneyCrisp Apples (we left the skin on for more fiber)
-1/4 cup of apple butter
-Dash of cinnamon and nutmeg
-1/2 pint of fresh raspberries (or frozen)
6.Mix these ingredients together in a pot over medium heat until SLIGHTLY tender and warm; remove from heat.
7. Make top crust.

Butter-Flake Crust Top
For this, we seriously just estimated until the consistency was correct. Salt is important. Lots of "butter" is needed for a flaky top!)
-Wheat flour

8.Roll out the mixture and cut "strips" with a knife.
9.Spoon the fruit mixture into the gingersnap crust, and then and lay the butter-flake crust strips on top however you like! If you're creative, cute little shapes can be cut, too...we just wanted to make it look as country as possible, haha.
10.Bake at 400-425F for anywhere between 35-45 minutes. Remove from oven when top crust is slightly browned!


more foodie pics here
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