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guidelines and you. (and how to be happier here)

hi guys, it appears that there is yet another need for a mod post.

there have been an influx of entries that aren't adhering to the guidelines. those most often overlooked are the descriptive subject line and a combination of either only posting a link to a recipe, or only posting the text without a link or name of book/author.

when we reject otherwise good posts, we honestly do hope that you repost them with the changes, but most often than not, they aren't reposted, and the info is lost. and that's a shame. (because that repost would count toward one of your 3. [details below.])

also, i have noticed not-so newbies getting frustrated and preferring to post in veganpeople instead of here. please try and wait out the moderation period. if you post 3 consecutive entries that don't violate guidelines, you will be removed from moderation (or at least we try to keep track. if you know you've posted plenty of good posts and are still not given permission to post things without going through moderation, please let me know. with multiple mods approving entries, we lose track quickly. but i have a good method of recording stuff, so i can easily look up your username and check your track record.)

the reasons for rejection aren't ridiculous. (as some of you might think) they are to make the community a better resource. think of the community as a cookbook. if the recipes in your cookbook didn't have titles, you'd soon burn that book. i guarantee it. we used to require the descriptive subject line because it made it easier to file memories away. but now with the tags, it's even more important, because the mods have no way to change subject lines, so folks will always have to read the post itself to get the gist of your question. (also, some people skim their friends page/tags. and usually the posts without subject lines are the first to be ignored. *raises hand* guilty as charged.)
and as for copying the text of a recipe into the post itself, well websites constantly disappear. if the text isn't pasted, and all that we have is a dead link, then people who didn't save the text themselves are up shiitake creek.

we will not accept otherwise good posts that are posted in other communities toward your 3 needed for moderation removal, so just stick with us, and you will become an unmoderated member in no time.

remember, vegancooking is watched by 5,020 members (as well as an unknown number of annonymous folks who have completely free posting access) whereas veganpeople is watched by 2,400 members (and only members can respond to your posts), and veganism by 2,040. stick with us, and you will not only be enriching our archives, but your post will be seen by more people, not to mention, the people who watch vegancooking WANT to see cooking posts. (i cant say the same of all the folks in veganpeople who aren't also a member here.)

so to sum up. use a descriptive subject line, don't just post a link, and remember to credit the creator of the recipe (and try to lj-cut multiple pictures or long posts) and you will be a normal member in no-time. (also, try to look in the archives (tags for 2005+, memories for prior to 2005) for posts that seem general or non-changing. a list of which is on the userinfo)

and welcome to the community. please don't get discouraged. we love you, and want you to stay. honest!
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