eleanor rigby (pixi_kitten) wrote in vegancooking,
eleanor rigby

crust-less pie?

I am currently attempting to adhere to a wheat-free diet due to an intolerance. One of my absolute favorite things is pumpkin pie made with a graham cracker crust. However, this is obviously a problem. I don't like traditional crusts for the most part so flour substitutions aren't going to work in this situation.

I was wondering what alterations I would need to make to a recipe to make it without the crust. I have never made a baked pudding or anything and I cannot seem to find any guidelines that would allow me to make the filling for any pie without a crust (though I have found a few cobbler recipes that have worked for my apple/peach/blueberry pie cravings)

Any suggestions? Is it just as simple as putting the filling into a greased pan?
Tags: desserts-pie
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