Some call me Natasha (cherrystreet021) wrote in vegancooking,
Some call me Natasha

Stuffing Recipe Needed

Greetings All!  So I've decided to make a thanksgiving dinner for my german host family - first time making a thanksgiving meal. It's going to be interesting.  So I've decided to make a vegan loaf, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes (possibly mashed sweet potatoes), and pumpkin pie.  I also really want to make a green of some sort and stuffing, but I don't have any recipes.  I really want an easy and traditional stuffing recipe, and I'm completely open as to what to make for greens - maybe steamed broccoli would be simple and easy and I wouldn't have to worry too much about it.  I looked through the tags for a stuffing recipe, but didn't really find anything I liked.  Well i thought the mushroom and green onion recipe looked great, but the kids Im living iwth (6 and 10) don't like mushrooms so thats out.

Anyways thanks in advance for y'alls help!! I hope everyone has a delightful thanksgiving!  Even though its about two weeks away!
Tags: holiday food-thanksgiving
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