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Clarification on Stonyfield Farm o'Soy yoghurt's ingredients

Stonyfield Farm claims on its website that o'Soy yoghurt is lactose-free, but at the very bottom of the ingredients list on the yoghurt container it reads "Contains soy and milk. Our live active cultures are milk based". This confused me since I'm used to soy yoghurt being vegan and dairy free (I can't stomach dairy very well due to a chronic illness), so I thought I'd come and ask here. I was unable to find anything in the memories or tags except that people in this community do consume o'Soy.

So, my question is, what does it mean when live active yoghurt cultures are milk based, and should I consider that reason to avoid o'Soy? Thanks!
Tags: -product reviews-dairy products, substitutes-dairy-yogurt
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