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Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Round up

I'm often the only vegan at the Thanksgiving party, so I want to make sure that the things I bring are omni friendly. There's also a vegetarian guy that's allergic to a bunch of veggies, but I can never remember what, so I'm going to find out and make sure that he has something to eat other than potatoes.

I always make this root veggie thing and the omnis always eat it up. It's also good for gluten-free people.

and I think this year I'll also make persimmon cookies because I have a ton of persimmons.

I'm tempted to do some sort of dinner loaf using the magical loaf studio. I've have made tasty loaves from it! I'm thinking this time a lentil, millet, walnut loaf. This thing is great for coming up with gluten-free stuff.

I'll have to bring a vegan gravy. I usually do something mushroom based that everyone seems to prefer over the meat-based gravy. I haven't decided yet on a vegan stuffing, and I think I might also want to bring some greens. I'll have to check with the host to see if her stuffing will be vegan and if they will be salad or anything like that.

and I really hate Tofurkey.
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