hobochan (hobochan) wrote in vegancooking,

Cookie cupcake filling

Ever since I got a mini muffin pan, I've been wanting to play around with it, baking things other than muffins. I have one idea, but I'm not sure how to do the filling. Pretty much, it's baking cookies in the pans (which I've done and it works great), because once they're cooked and cooled, the middle falls in and makes a well.
I'm wanting to make a chocolate-flavored one then fill it with a not-to-sweet cream cheese-type or custard-like filling, then top it with a chunky raspberry puree/glaze. It sounds funny, but the raspberry with the cookie is great, and now it just needs a filling to be awesome.
Any ideas I could use for a plain or flavored filling? Thanks for your help!
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