Anya, for all intents and purposes. (ephemeral2) wrote in vegancooking,
Anya, for all intents and purposes.

Vegetarian Ravioli, Much Needed Vegan-izing

A few years back I had some amazing ravioli, but not the meaty kind. Half of them were stuff with summer squash, and the other half of them with spinach, and of course drenched in tomato sauce, which was homemade and I'm sure I could replicate easily. My issue(s) are as follows:

(a) I need to get around the mozzarella cheese conveniently stuffed in with the veggies, argh.
(b) I need to know if any one else on the planet has been able to find a way to stuff their own ravioli, without the counter top pasta maker which could run a person several hundred dollars.
(c) I have very sound reason to have a no soy cheese policy for this recipe, therefore making stuffing a bit harder... though I did consider not adding anything other than veggie mush :P you can give opinions on that, or comments/suggestions for the other 2 roadblocks.

Thanks in advance :)

Edit: I edited my subject line, I hope it's acceptable.
Tags: ethnic food-italian-pasta, pasta, substitutes-dairy-cheese
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