space4breathing (space4breathing) wrote in vegancooking,

Any tips for a good Tofurky Roast?

This is our first Thanksgiving since going vegan (almost a year!) and despite very mixed reviews my husband and I decided to try a Tofurky Roast. I've heard that it is rather salty so I plan on adding a tbsp of maple syrup to the olive oil, soy sauce and sage baste. I'm also wondering if maybe I should go with a low sodium soy sauce... I'm planning on throwing in some potatoes, carrots, onions and probably some green beans. I've read that it's very important to keep it covered and baste it periodically ( how often is that? ) so that it doesn't dry out. What do you think, any tips? How do you make yours? I really don't want to screw this up. We'll be at my in-laws and it's likely that if I ruin this all we'll have to eat is the pumpkin pie I'm making. Thanks!
Tags: holiday food-thanksgiving, substitutes-meat-turkey
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