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Bestest Pumpkin Pie & Sweet Potatoes w/ Marshmallows

I've tried various recipes for vegan pumpkin pie, using recipes from here and other sites and cook books. I usually make at least three pumpkin pies between Halloween and New Year's and they turn out good--except for one time when it turned out bitter. I'm not sure how that happened... Anyway, I just wondered if anyone had a pumpkin pie recipe that they thought made 'omg the best pumpkin pie in the universe, srsly!' Because, you know, not all recipes are created equal. Maybe I should try Bryanna's recipe. I've only ever made pumpkni pie with tofu.

Has anyone tried a recipe using vegan cream cheese or yogurt? The Food Network site has a couple pumpkin pie recipes I wouldn't mind veganizing that call for those things.

Oh, yeah. If you want vegan marshmallows for your sweet potatoes you should be able to find Concord Foods Sweet Potato Casserole Mix easily enough. It's really delicious. You could buy it just for the little mashmallows and save the spices for later use, too. They would be good in hot chocolate.
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