Autonoe (elektra_lite) wrote in vegancooking,

Bacos/Bacon bits in cooking and baking

Is it possible to add Bacos or similar to a dish that is being baked, such as stuffing?  I added Bacos to a soup once (it was my first time using them, I had no idea) and they went all soggy and pale and bleh, although they did lend their flavour to the broth of the soup.  Will they hold up to baking in a cornbread stuffing, or in cornbread itself?  Or would it be better to sprinkle them on top only so they remain crisp and don't go mushy?

Any other tips in cooking or baking with Bacos that I should know about? :)

(I have tried to tag this entry but the tags are not showing up...I tried to tag as "side dishes-stuffing, substitutes-meat-bacon, techniques-baking".  I don't know what I am doing wrong, sorry!)
Tags: side dishes-stuffing, substitutes-meat-bacon, techniques-baking
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