Crystal (cistle) wrote in vegancooking,

Black bean experimental soup!

I randomly put these ingredients together, and they worked out great! I am 99% sure everything is vegan, so if something isn't, then I am terribly sorry!

Basically I threw it all in the pot after cooking the onions.

slice of a red onion (this was huge) and diced
2 garlic cloves

1 tomato, diced
two handfuls of already cooked brown rice
1 fairly large can of black beans, rinsed
pomegranate seeds (yes, that is right! I used about a handful)

soy sauce (Bragg's)
chili powder
chili flakes
lemon and ginger seasoning (it was premixed)
cajun spice (again, premixed)
juice of half a lime
bay leaf
vegetable broth

I am pretty sure that was everything. It was surprisingly delicious!
Tags: beans-black beans, soups-beans
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