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Easy, Flavorful, Steamer Recipes!

(Checked the memories/tags on this but they seemed a bit out of date...)

I recently splurged on a tri-tiered electric steamer after realizing that a.) I was beginning to eat most of my veggie dinners cooked in oil and b.) I could use steaming time to get more work done (ah, the joys of being a grad student.)

Anyway. I've been steaming all manner of veg (and grains) with great success, although I'm a little concerned of getting bored. I am an avid cook (on a budget), who usually tries to vary her diet as much as possible... but I'm already noticing a trend towards monotony. I typically buy whatever is in season and on sale at the local grocery, which means I wind up relying on a few economical favorites during any given period.

So I was wondering... do any of you resourceful vegan-cooking extraordinaires have some quick, easy, and *cheap* tips for spicing up my steamer? I'm looking for sauces, seasoning tricks/techniques and just about any other ideas that'll keep me from returning to my sauté pan.

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