[Megan] (vomitxx) wrote in vegancooking,

Cheddar Teese?

Has anyone tried the cheddar Teese yet? I went to Green in Tempe AZ yesterday and had some for the first time. My boyfriend got a Philly cheese steak from there with the cheddar Teese and we both loved it, so we bought a tube of it. I don't like the mozzarella kind at all, but the cheddar is pretty good. It melts better, I think. We made a grilled cheese with it and it actually oozed out like regular cheese.

I would really suggest trying it if you can get it. It's a lot better than the mozzarella kind. Kind of expensive (twice the price of FYH :() but oh well.

I really want to try the nacho kind, but I haven't seen it yet.
Tags: substitutes-dairy-cheese
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