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cooking vegan for a living?

Hi, I just found this community and I hope this post isn't off-topic. It's food-related but not really recipe-related. I am vegetarian and my wife and son are lactose intolerant, which means at home we are effectively vegan, and I do all of the cooking at home. I also work as a banquet chef at a Country Club where most of the food is in the French grande cuisine style (tons of meat, cream, butter, etc...). Right now I have no choice but to work there for now because I have a family to support, and even though I don't care for a lot of what I cook, I am apprenticed to a very experienced chef and am gaining a lot of really valuable experience. This chef is also a Rastafarian, so we cook some awesome ital food for ourselves when it's not too busy. Still, in a year or two when I've learned everything I can and am better off financially I'd like to move on to some place where I can pursue types of cooking I am more passionate about.

What I wanted to ask of this community is:

1) Does anyone else here cook professionally, particularly in place which is vegan/vegetarian or at least has a fair amount of those options?

2) If so, where do you recommend I look? What kind of skills, aside from the general skills which are applicable in every kitchen, would be particularly useful to pursuing this line of employment? What are these employers looking for that I can offer besides being having experience in a kitchen and being a vegetarian?
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