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Safe, effective, and fun!

Fortunes & Fortune Cookies

This week, I am attending a holiday cookie swap and I thought it'd be great fun to make fortune cookies. I need to make about two dozen cookies (there will be at least 18 veganfolk there) and am trying to come up with unique fortunes for each. Ideally, I'd love some fortunes that are particularly funny to vegans, and so I'd like to drink of your creative juice.

A few of the ones I've already got are:

I get all my protein right HERE, bitch!

The celery is stalking you.

You taste like chicken.

Vegans make the best lovers.

Eat this cookie with a peanut for a complete protein.

Note that I'm not looking to advocate here, but amuse. Vegan in-jokes are particularly welcome.

Also, if anyone has fortune cookie recipe advice beyond what is already in the tags, let me know. I was inspired by a bit in a fortune cookie factory on Food Network, and while their cookies were vegan, pretty much every online recipe contains eggs. I'll likely just Ener-G one of those, since the one vegan recipe I've seen doesn't feel quite right (and also calls for egg replacer, anyway).

I will be sure to post my (hopefully!) success story after.
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