sweet_bread (sweet_bread) wrote in vegancooking,

The Corpulent Vegan

I want to write a cookbook and call it: The Corpulent Vegan's Holiday Cookbook. Why haven't the Post Punk Kitchen girls written a holiday book? Wouldn't it be great to have recipes you could rely on for the holidays? Maybe I should do it! It seems like I'm always scouring the internet for holiday recipes and checking the vegancooking LJ compulsively-- oh, I'm a lurker and I steal all of your wonderful ideas ;)

Anyways, here are my vegan sugar cookies and gingerbread men: (In the front row you find Harry Potter and also, a censored porn gingerbread person. Below, the isolated and unhappy gingerbread man-- we often feel more alone in a crowd.) I used Duncan Hines Home-Style Classic Vanilla frosting (heck yeah, it's vegan.) I would perfer to make my own frosting, but I'm under some time constriants. I also made vegan Magic Cookie Bars and peanut brittle. Today, I am making cupcakes (not sure which kind yet) from VCTOTW. Our Christmas party is tonight!!!

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