FarEastRed (westcoastred) wrote in vegancooking,

Carob "Hot Fudge Sauce"

I was really craving a hot fudge sundae, and threw this together. Everything I make is, "add some of this, that, these thingies here, taste, ew, add more of that..." you get the picture. So, I'm only guessing the measurements. Definitely taste before you smother a perfectly good bowl of ice "cream" with questionable goop.

~2-4 Tbsp Earth Balance, melted
~1-2 Tbsp soy cream
~1-3 Tbsp carob powder
~2-4 tsp blackstrap molasses (This helps make the carob taste more like chocolate, imo, plus you get lots of minerals and stuff)
~A few drops of vanilla extract (If you're using flavored creamer, feel free to omit this)
~Sweetener of choice to taste (It won't need much at all, I probably added a teaspoon of agave nectar. It does need just a squidge, though, to accommodate the slight bitterness of the molasses)

Either microwave in 15-30 second increments, or warm in a small saucepan over low heat. Yay.

Oh yeah. I love the taste of carob, and this turned out quite carob-y. However, if you still haven't decided whether or not you like carob, use more Earth Balance than carob, and be conservative with the molasses. And maybe add a teeny pinch of salt. And a little extra soy cream. Ok, I'm done now.
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