Autonoe (elektra_lite) wrote in vegancooking,

Freezing uncooked seitan for later cooking

Has anyone tried preparing seitan and freezing it BEFORE cooking? 

I have borrowed my mam's bread maker and she is dropping increasingly heavy hints about wanting it back (it kneads up my seitan mixes something awesome!!).  BUT I also want to make my next batch of seitan in my new pressure cooker, which sadly has to be exchanged at the shop due to a broken handle.  I can't change it for a few days due to getting the receipt back, blah blah, and I'd like to return the bread maker to my long suffering and homemade breadless mother before then, if I can.

So, can I knead up my seitan, freeze it, then thaw and cook it once I have my replacement cooker?  Or will that make it all weird?
Tags: techniques-seitan
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