ninefourteen (ninefourteen) wrote in vegancooking,

Vegan mayo(ish) ideas...

I was wondering if all you sushi-lovers can help me out.

Rather than going out to a fancy dinner which none of us can afford right now, some friends and I have decided to have a pot luck prior to going out for New Year's Eve tomorrow night. I'm bringing sushi salad.

It's a wonderful recipe that I make all the time. I usually make it without additional sauces, but the blogger at Fat Free Vegan suggests wasabi mixed with vegan mayo to give it a more elaborate taste. I am on board for this (particularly since I'm serving it to omnis and would like to make it as interesting as possible), but the only vegan mayo I've tried is Vegenaise and I wasn't a huge fan. Anyone out there have better experiences with another brand, or have any other ideas altogether?
Tags: substitutes-mayonnaise
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