bionic motherfucker (orphe_) wrote in vegancooking,
bionic motherfucker

stoli for shiraz

i have a dilemma. i'm flat broke this month, and so are my roommates *shakes fist at christmas*, so now more than ever we need to eat all of our meals at home. i'm the cook, and i really really like cooking with wine. unfortunately, i can't afford to right now. so i'm wondering about a couple of things.

1) would getting a bottle of oven-cleaner-grade, wouldn't give it to someone you hated, $10/handle or less liquor be a good idea? i know from experience that cooking with bad wine and cooking with good wine comes out pretty much the same, so i'm wondering if that same logic would apply here.

2) does anyone have experience subbing liquor for wine? i've halved before, using vodka for savory dishes and rum for sweet - like a cup of wine and a few shots of vodka instead of two cups of wine. it seems to work. but could i do that for the whole measure of alcohol?
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