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Kung Pao Tofu

I wanted to make this recipe from the Asian Vegan Kitchen cookbook, but was missing a few key ingredients. No matter, I changed up the recipe a little and it came out super tasty!

I sauted 1 package of the pre-fried and very dense tofu in oil with chilis, then took out the tofu, added in asparagus, red and yellow bell pepper. After a couple of minutes I added the tofu back as well as peanuts (3/4 cup), then the sauce made of:
3 tbs soy sauce
3 tbs sweet soy sauce
2 tbs white miso
1 tbs ginger powder (I didn't have any fresh ginger on hand
1 tbs chili hot sauce (I didn't have chili past on hand)

Served over brown rice it was quite spicy, but way tastier than I had even hoped.
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