pendragon23 (pendragon23) wrote in vegancooking,

Beans + vinegar = no gas?

I was watching Ready Steady Cook and one of the chefs said that if you mix beans with vinegar (or cook them in vinegar?) they don't give you gas.

Anyone heard of this, or experienced the proof?

Edited to Add: Thanks for the replies, everyone! I was aware of most of the other tricks like washing off canned beans, and I also like to add cumin. A little more research yielded the recommendation to add vinegar only in the last few minutes of cooking, rather than at the beginning - this may avoid the issues some of you had with them ending up tough. Another suggested that when cooking dried beans to add a quarter cupful of apple cider vinegar to the water that they soak in overnight, then rinse them thoroughly before cooking.

For those who have had issues, it may be worth a try, particularly if cooking for those who aren't heavy bean consumers. I will try it myself next time and see how it goes.
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