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vegan christmas

hello, friends! i hosted my first all-vegan christmas dinner for my family. 1 vegan, 1 vegetarian, and 8 omnis who were apprehensive but open to the idea. turned out to be a huge success and will now be our new tradition for christmas day. just wanted to share some of the recipes.

from top left, clockwise:

chips, salsa, creole hummus*; fruit punch; salad; sourdough stuffing*; maple-glazed brussel sprouts*; mac and "cheese"**; cranberry hazelnut field roast***; olive oil/rosemary/garlic roasted potatoes & carrots****; golden sweet potato biscuits*

baked beans from scratch****

brussel sprouts/onions/sweet potatoes; mac and "cheese"

sourdough stuffing

*came from Christina "Cooks" Pirello's blog
**came from her book "Cooking the Whole Foods Way"
***purchased from Whole Foods
****i made up

my cousin had to ruin the vegan-vibe by bringing ranch dressing. the peanut brittle, fudge, and date balls are all vegan, made by my great grandmother. stuffing was overall favorite, beans & brussel sprouts were my favorite. everything was made from scratch except the roast from whole foods.

just wanted to share, this was very exciting to me! i can post specific recipes if you're interested.
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