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Candy Buffet

Hello everyone!

My sister is having a Halloween-themed wedding, and I have been placed in charge of the candy buffet, which will serve as wedding favors for the guests. I am going to be making all the chocolate candies (it's SO expensive to buy "specialty" chocolate) and purchasing a few other vegan non-chocolate candies (i.e. hot tamales). So does anyone have any favorite candy recipes? Or types of vegan candy? I found a recipe somewhere for vegan candy corn but haven't tried it out yet. We want to have candies that are Halloween related and/or coordinate with the color scheme, which is black, orange, white, and purple. Also, what's a good way to decorate the chocolates (like truffles or turtles)? 

The candies I have in mind at the moment are truffles (the recipe I found on here, which was DELICIOUS!), chocolate and margarine covered popcorn (not a candy, I know, but still very tasty), candy corn, peanut butter cups wrapped in Halloween foil, chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolates filled with toasted coconut, and turtles. For the turtles, I'm going to halve the pecan halves length-wise to make "spiders". We're also going to purchase a few other candies. 

Any tips or advice would be great! 

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