Fie on you (new_perestroika) wrote in vegancooking,
Fie on you

freezing question

It is widely known that I am a paranoid and also not brilliant cook. I follow recipes obsessively and if I have one leaf less of basil I can get a tad hysterical. I'm beginning to loosen up because tearing your hair out means some of it might end up in dinner, and that's just icky. Most of my fear comes from just not knowing the basics of cooking and worrying I'm doing everything wrong.

Anyway, shut up and get to the point, Fiona:

I made the lentil bolognaise from Lynda Stoner's Now Vegan (and it was super good) for some friends the other night, and I made too much so I could freeze some. (Note: first time freezing food since becoming vegan more than a year ago.) Everything is fine, but my boyfriend put it in those ridiculously overpriced Tupperware containers that have close-able holes in the side so you can keep things at varying levels of fresh, and then I noticed a week later that he left the holes open. Does this mean I can still eat it, or has it been ruined?

Tags: -preservation-freezing, pasta
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