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seitan halp pls

Hi, there are some entries in the memories about getting seitan meaty and chewy but I found them kind of confusing so I was wondering if we could raise the topic again.
so far I've made seitan twice, one just using the simmering method on the back of my box of wheat gluten, and the second time with the VCON seitan cutlet recipe (that is, baked, but in a pan of broth). both times I found it to be okay, but very wet and spongy. I don't want it wet and spongy!!!

I like the Westsoy seitan that whole foods sells, I think? I've had it once or twice. It is not wet or spongy.

am I doing something very wrong? should I stick to these watery methods and knead more or do something else different? on the internet I read somewhere that frying the seitan dough before simmering it may help---yay/nay? any tips for just mixing the dough? should I add bread crumbs or flour, perhaps (I have no access to soy flour however, unless I order it from the internet)?

but out of the following seitan cooking-methods, which will make it a little denser, drier and more like store-bought seitan?

1. wrapping in aluminum foil and steaming
2. baking without broth
3. frying after dredging in flour (I would prefer to avoid this but if it makes lots of omnoms I'm up for it)
4. broiling/grilling

pls help I do so dearly luvs the wheat gluten stuff from the store but hate to be dependent on store bought when so many people rave about homemade!
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