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Simple Vegan Entree For Non-Vegan Caterers To Make

Hello. I just got engaged! Whew!

We found a great venue for our ceremony and reception, a metro park. The only bad thing about having our wedding at the park is that the reception hall "comes" with contrated caterers-- we have to use them.  That is bad news, since we already had two vegan caterers in mind. The good news is that the contracted caterers are willing to work with us and claim that they have caterered a vegan wedding before, although they couldn't tell me what entrees they have done in the past. Anyways, we picked pasta primavera, red skin parsley potatos and california mix veggies from the pasta, potato and veggie choices (all veganized easily) but...

we need some entree ideas to pitch to the caterers-- something on the easy side with ordinary/semi-ordinary ingredience.

I don't know how much experience the chef has with vegan cooking, so the more simple, the better. Also, I may get charged more if the ingredience are "special," as they said. The manager lady told me that she would have to run the ideas by the chef and then tell me if there would be extra cost. The vegan entree would take the place of one of the two meat entrees I am entitled to already.  We would like some sort of protein involved. If anyone has an entree idea and/or a recipe, that would be amazing (especially if it is a recipe that is tried and true.)

I am always amazed by the support in this community and the results I get when I ask for help. I hope you can help me find the perfect entree.
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