SuperMonkey and the Spatula of Doom (seamonkey) wrote in vegancooking,
SuperMonkey and the Spatula of Doom

Quick Portabella pasta

1 bag pasta (I used shells)
4 cups baby spinach
chopped garlic to taste
2 portabella mushrooms, cut into bite sized pieces
1 large container of hummus
The stinkiest cheese substitute you can find (I used parm and Dr. Cow)
Truffle oil (I used white truffle/porcini mushroom oil)
A little bit of Braggs.

I set the pasta boiling, then sauted the mushrooms and garlic in the truffle oil. When they started to get a little brown, I added a splash of Braggs.

After the pasta is done boiling, put the spinach in the bottom of the collander and pour pasta and water over it (makes it wilt nicely)

Put pasta in big bowl and add stinky cheese and hummus and nom nom nom
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