jen (psykoinsane) wrote in vegancooking,

Popcorn kernels

So I don't really have a recipe, but thought there might be a few people here who are addicted to popcorn like I am :) So I was at the store before Christmas and noticed they were selling different kinds of kernels (not just the normal white/yellow kind that is like always used to make popcorn and the only kind I can find in the store). I was super excited as well...I had never seen other kernels. But they didn't have any more the next time I went back, and I had stupidly not purchased them when I saw them so I searched the internets and found: I got one of the variety packs and tried two of them and oh my goodness! They are delicious! And so much better than normal popcorn!! And both had a different flavor and were pretty good all by themselves! I usually don't like normal popcorn plain as it doesn't have much flavor, but these are delicious! So if you are addicted to popcorn I would suggest checking them out. And hopefully you think it is as delicious as I do!!
Tags: snacks-popcorn
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