Cleo (cleobatya) wrote in vegancooking,

chickpea cutlets veganomicon followup

ok I made them with the seasoned breadcrumbs and didnt change the recipe re the soy sauce at all.

it was really good, but i used a rolling pin to "roll" the patties which may have detracted from the springyness. not sure.

i made the dill tahina sauce, (with dried dill) to go with it, which was good but probably not the best choice b/c as the book says, its a strong flavor (but i had all the ingredients) and served it on shredded up spinach and a couple cut up dates.
the patties were good but i want to try the date citrus tahini sauce instead b/c it is "savory/salty" and needs something slightly sweet IMHO.

anyone have any suggestions for sauces/sides?
Tags: condiments-sauces
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