Kuntrageous! (laceyslostlove) wrote in vegancooking,

Vegetarian Times Recipe Request-Grapefruit-Ginger Tea Bread

Does anyone get Vegetarian Times? I do. In the January issue there was a recipe for Grapefruit Ginger Tea Bread (in the grapefruit foods section). I tore out the recipe and made the bread after veganizing the recipe. Unfortunately, my husband gets overzealous when cleaning and he threw away the recipe. I remember which aspects of the recipe I modified to make it vegan, but I cannot recall any of the amounts of the ingredients in the original recipe. I have also gone wheat free since making this bread, so I would like to modify the recipe further. Does anyone feel up to typing out and sharing the original, non-vegan, recipe with me? I would be more than happy to share my modifications if someone is willling to do so.
As an offering; here's is the picture of my end results for this recipe:

Tags: breads-quickbreads, fruits-grapefruit
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