Alina (cosmologists) wrote in vegancooking,

White chocolate/caramel frosting birthday cake ideas?

Hi all,
I spent a good bit looking through the tags and memories, but did not find anything exactly to my liking.

I will be celebrating my first vegan birthday in a week or so, and as a treat, will be baking a cake for myself and my family. I have a very vague idea of what I'd like, so basically, if you have any suggestions for me it would be much appreciated!

I'd like for it to have a crust and some sort of frosting, and I loove caramel/condensed sweetened milk and have had marginal luck in the past in making vegan versions, so I hope to incorporate that. I'll also probably be making white chocolate coated truffles, so will have some white chocolate left over.

What I'm somewhat imagining now is a layered cake with white chocolate in the middle, and frosting (what kind?) with caramel swirls on top. What I have no idea about is what the actual cake should consist of- red velvet? Shortbread? Not a big fan of pound cake. Also, if fruit (particularly cranberries) could be incorporated in some way, that'd be nice.

.. this turned out to be a bit more ambitious than I had hoped. Thanks in advance for anything you can come up with!
Tags: desserts-cakes, desserts-cakes-frostings, desserts-caramel, fruits-cranberry
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