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Late notice meal

I just got a call from my brother saying he and his girlfriend were coming this evening for a meal - the problem is that I assumed with his procrastinator personality, I would have at least a week to plan for the meal, and instead they're going to be here in a matter of seven hours. I have no car right now to pick things up, either....
I have EVERYTHING imaginable, though, food-wise; I stock-pile things like an atomic bomb is going to go off. I only have brown rices, though, instead of white, but I've got jasmine, basmati, sweet brown, and long grain. I'm going to cook up a sweet potato, chickpea, and portabella mushroom curry, but what should I do to supplement it? I can bake bread, but does that really go with it? For dessert, I've had a rum pot (assorted fruits preserved in sugared rum) in the fridge for several months that I could serve with soy creamer on top.
The only thing I know for sure is the curry, and I especially would like a side dish with it. I'm kind of lost... please help!!!
Thank you all in advance!
Tags: ethnic food-indian, make my dinner!!! the cooking game show, side dishes
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