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Developing a vegan haggis recipe / Burns Night

Considering trying to develop my own haggis recipe - Burns Night is round the corner, as is a friend's (zombie on the left of the userpic) birthday, perhaps even for Kebele on Sunday. Now I've never eaten haggis before, so don't really have a clear frame of reference for what flavours/textures would be ideal. Can anyone help on that?

Had a look at a meaty haggis recipe here (contains meat/offal, not for the squeamish). I'm thinking onions, (toasted) oatmeal, sage, thyme, rosemary, savory, (veg fat) suet, salt & pepper rubbed together and bound with a stock/lentil mix would be a good start, then steam it wrapped in foil (instead of setting out on a short notice and probably fruitless quest to find a vegan alternative to intestine) for a few hours. Perhaps a few more veg in there but not swede (rutabaga) or potatoes as they are traditional accompaniments.

Insights and suggestions welcome.

Edit: For the record, I avoid using meat replacement products (i.e. ground round or burger-style crumbles which I've never seen in the UK) as they can be price prohibitive for cooking at Kebele or don't taste that great compared to wonderful veg.
Tags: -location-uk, beans-lentils, ethnic food-scottish, grains-oats, seasonal recipes-winter
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