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Desserts with beer or alcohol

Tonight, I am going to a Geography of Beer Party (featuring local, national and international beers) and I thought in addition to the local beer I am bringing I would bring some foods made with beer. I am already making beer bread but I thought I would bring some sort of dessert as well. Originally, I was going to make lemon bars but then thought, "hey I am going to a beer party, I should make something with beer or some sort of alcohol in it." I have made VCTOTW's margarita cupcakes and they turned out alright but I kinda wanted to experiment and try making something different with either a beer or hard cider (also this isn't a margarita cupcake sort of crowd). The Chocolate Stout cupcakes from VCTOTW sound delicious but I am trying to really limit the amount of chocolate I eat (its my new year resolution and I haven't had any since the new year). Are there any other beer or alcohol-inspired cupcakes or desserts out there that  will appease a mostly non-vegan crowd and beer consiseurs?
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