heather galaxy (heathergalaxy) wrote in vegancooking,
heather galaxy

Best place(s) to buy large amounts of crap (no car)

Hello! I am a gal living in DC and have no car (and don't drive) or anything so buying large amounts of stuff is pretty much out of the question for me. However considering that I love eating so much, I figured maybe I can get this stuff shipped to me... but that also seems rather damn pricey based on the research I've done thus far!

So! Where would be the best place to get:

1. 25-50lb bags of spelt flour?
2. 10-25lb bags of all purpose flour
3. various bulk beans (especially chickpeas and soybeans)
4. quinoa and other grains?

Anything else for an old-hat vegan who is newly trying to reduce the money she spends on food but also trying to still eat super well?

(p.s. if there *are* an DC area vegans that want to cart me around to places or have specific tips, let me know too. ;) )
Tags: -buying in bulk, -veganism on a budget, -where do they sell this stuff?
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