Claudia Kincaid (yrlover) wrote in vegancooking,
Claudia Kincaid

Looking for crumblers recipe-- AKA, why is this so hard?

I might just be going nuts/searching the wrong subject, but is there really no recipe for homemade vegan "crumbles" on the internet?

I get it, it's just TVP rehydrated and crumbled, but there's clearly other stuff (spices, I'm assuming) added to make the crumbles taste less like plain old rehydrated TVP, and googling "vegan crumbles recipe" gives me lots of cake recipes.

Does anybody have a foolproof recipe for homemade crumbles (meat substitute)? I'm sick of paying $5 every time I want to make goulash!

Thanks in advance! <3
Tags: substitutes-meat-beef
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