nora margaret joan (narkivity) wrote in vegancooking,
nora margaret joan

Replacing Egg Whites & Vegan (College Student) Runner

Hello all =)

I'm training for my third half marathon this May- only road block is that I am a college student, living on campus (with limited money!) So I'm trying to make do with what I can, getting decent yet yummy vegan food that will support my training. First question- I'm looking at this recipe:,7120,s6-242-303-309-5205-0,00.html -what would be a nice HEALTHY substitute for egg whites? Preferably not Ener-G, as I can't find it. Also, other advice on healthy little things that are cheap, vegan and healthy for snacks? Or dishes you make that are healthy and good with protein and carbohydrates? (I also plan on doing protein shakes with soymilk and brown rice powder, as the protein options are somewhat limited in my cafeteria.) Thanks all!
Tags: -high energy foods, -veganism on a budget, substitutes-egg whites
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