Cryptomeria Corylus (hazelsteapot) wrote in vegancooking,
Cryptomeria Corylus

Baking With Cocoa Butter? (Also: coconut milk yogurt)

Hi, all,

I've recently gone soy-free, and I've been thinking about non-soy vegan alternatives to butter. I found a shortening that's just palm oil (though I haven't used it yet) and have used coconut oil (not super impressed, but it's ok), but I was wondering if anyone's baked with cocoa butter. It seems like it might make cakes and brownies taste ridiculously good, but I'm having a hard time finding recipes that use it.

(somewhat relatedly, I just made coconut milk yogurt, which is rad and tasty (and really really thick) except it has very little yogurt-y taste to it. I boiled first, then used a yogurt starter added at 105oF, a few tablespoons honey (don't start, ok?) and an incubator for 7 hours (the amount recommended on the package). Did I not incubate it long enough? Or does coconut milk yogurt just not get very sour? It *is* quite tasty, regardless.)
Tags: cocoa butter, substitutes-dairy-yogurt, substitutes-shortening
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