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valentines day...sorry to keep posting!

sorry i keep posting...i'm really new to cooking and i'm excited when i learn something i can do.

valentines day is coming (i plan way in advance for things so sorry if this is so early) and i want to make something way awesome and fancy for my omni boyfriend but i'm somewhat unsure of what to do.
heres my ideas:

if anyone isn't too annoyed by this lengthy post, i need yr input!

ok, appetizers/first course:
- stuffed mushrooms  - definetely doing.
- would a small salad with homemade croutons be too much too? i'm italian and we always think of tons and tons of food.

main thing:
- so far, i was thinking cashew alfredo with maybe any combination of broccoli, zuccini, mushrooms, or artichoke hearts. if i do the alfredo though -HOW DOES ONE COOK AN EGGPLANT!? i've never made an eggplant before and it seems complex.
- garlic rolls
- but i'm open to other  suggestions too! i don't know how receptive an omni would be to a non-cheese based alfredo so i was thinking maybe something that's already a vegan main dish might work better.

- raspberry with maybe chocolate linzer tart cookies (its a lot of work if i make a fancy meal on top of dessert though)
- red velvet cupcakes (i make a lotta cupcakes and bread and stuff so this idea kinda is my least favorite. but its red and i've never made red velvet before though)
- chocolate mousse garnished with vanilla wafers, maybe along with strawberries (i lean mostly towards the mousse if the main thing turns out to be too elaborate. but if the alrefdo doesn't seem fancy enough and i have time, the cookies might look more impressive.)

so yeah, what looks the most impressive and/or delicious and/or romantic-y?
what are YOU guys (who are celebratin') doing?

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