anoceanview (anoceanview) wrote in vegancooking,

Lemon Bars and Questions About Agar

This weekend I made the V'con recipe for Lemon Bars, which was also my first attempt with agar. I had to substitute tapioca flour for arrowroot flour and some agave for sugar when I ran out.

While the finished product was nice enough, it wasn't what I was looking for on a few levels. The jelly was way too firm, the crust not rich enough, and it just...lacked lemon-ness. For next time? I will definitely add more lemon juice and zest, and I will probably chill the dough ingredients and blend in more margarine. The firm jelly, I believe, came from a miscalculation in substituting powdered agar for agar flakes. What is a good ratio for powdered to flakes agar substitutions? This recipe called for 3 tablespoons of flakes.
Tags: agar-agar, desserts-bars, desserts-pie-key lime/lemon meringue
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