dancing43 (dancing43) wrote in vegancooking,

cupcake storage help please!

i pretty much live by the vctotw cookbook whenever i have to bake for someone/something. however, i consistently have a problem. i like to bake the night before and bring them to work.
i let the cupcakes cool completely and they're always a little sticky and 'not fresh' the next day.
it doesn't seem to matter which recipe i use.
i let them dry all the way - we're talking hours...
sometimes i try leaving them uncovered on the counter over night.
i've tried sticking them in the microwave for storage (to keep the kitties away)
i've tried storing them in my handy cupcake tote - both with the lid sealed and the lid cracked.

what gives? help me save my baked goods - please!
suggestions please, seeing as i've got some in the oven for tomorrow.

much thanks!
Tags: desserts-cupcakes
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