Khren Golightly (dizzyxupthexgrl) wrote in vegancooking,
Khren Golightly

lifestyle changes, getting healthy, questions

Hey veggies I have a couple foodie questions for you. The first specifically for all my friends in the south and in really humid and warm climates...

1) The spring and its humidity are fastly approaching, so I am looking for some good no oven, recipes. raw is good, as well as neat salad ideas as I have been lacking some creativity lately. Also any good fresh fruit ideas, im trying to eat more fruit as well.

2) I am fat, veganism isnt new to me, but i havent been vegan for a year. I am starting a new gym, basically taking ownership of my body and taking care of it, but I need a few tips

a) Do you all have any recipes for energy boosts, things that can help fuel an intense workout?
b) I am struggling with depression, and would love to know some foods, vitamins anyone has used to help with this.

Thanks for the help!
Tags: -health-weight loss, -raw veganism
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